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Skincare magic ft STOIC Beauty

Skincare is one of my favorite subjects, for many different reasons. Absence of skincare routine puts me in distress, without an exaggeration. Today’s star is local, divine energy powered brand – STOIC Beauty! Where do I start? First of all, I’m very happy that my path has crossed with the brand and I’m excited to… Continue reading Skincare magic ft STOIC Beauty

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Kill germs with a touch of aroma therapy

Last couple of years have thought us a lot of things. From mindset changes and compassion to self-discovery and adaptation. We also became more aware of simple and at times forgotten ways to boost and protect our immune system. From supplements, to routine hand washing, sanitizers and such. Some things we have dropped as life… Continue reading Kill germs with a touch of aroma therapy

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Sleep that matters ft Nature’s Sunshine

Happy Spring, my beautiful people! With sun shinning longer and more frequently, we naturally tend to spend more time outdoors. In Canada, with lockdown finally being lifted, more activities become available and we just can’t get enough. When there’s this much to do, on top of the work life and family life, energy is ESSENTIAL!… Continue reading Sleep that matters ft Nature’s Sunshine


When life gives you lemons..

When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade, you can ask for salt and tequila haha or if you’re J.R. Watkins, you can create an amazing body care line. J.R. Watkins has been around since 1868, delivering naturally derived, plant- based home and body products, crafted with North American ingredients. All of their products… Continue reading When life gives you lemons..

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Bypass salon lineups with Waxxxie

Hello hello. With scorching summer heat in full blast, we are fast to drop those layers and if lockdown sabotaged your smoothness game, I gotchu! During these months of incubated survival (hahaha), I have become a teacher to my kids (I’m glad that school year now is over), my own waxing specialist, hair stylist and… Continue reading Bypass salon lineups with Waxxxie

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Super Heroes in training aka kids fueled by Nature’s Sunshine +GIVEAWAY

I hope your day is starting amazing. Spring is just around the corner and I can already see people feeling and looking little lighter and more hopeful for positive changes to come. In my previous post, I talked about importance of using vitamins and supplements in our everyday life. I would like to hope that… Continue reading Super Heroes in training aka kids fueled by Nature’s Sunshine +GIVEAWAY

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Health Boost ft Nature’s Sunshine

Hi friend, I hope life has been treating you good and I hope you can feel how very impatiently Spring is coming upon us. Warmer temperatures, lighter layers of clothing, sun created smiles, sight of sprouting greens and blooming flowers. 2020 will definitely be remembered as one of the weirdest years for everyone in the… Continue reading Health Boost ft Nature’s Sunshine