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TooFaced Melted.. on my lips

I think I might be the last person trying TooFaced. I have heard about the brand, I know the brand, but I have never owned anything from the brand. I had Better Than Sex mascara that I returned, as it was one big clumpy mess, so that doesn’t really count.

Lately, it almost seems that Too Faced has been taking over the beauty blogger content – it’s everywhere.

I was quite excited when I found out that I have won Canadian beauty blogger’s The Happy Sloths Christmas giveaway – a TooFaced Melted Merry Kissmas Lipstick set.


Set is put together from a 4 beautiful shades

Chocolate Honey



Lady Balls Matte


I love the compact clutch/pocket-size. I would take all my lipsticks in mini size. Can you guess which one I tried first?

If you think I went for the Lady Balls, you’re right. Oh, boy – yes! I love everything about it. Shade is so elegant and classic. It is a very bright, neutral red, that screams confidence.


It glides on so smoothly, just be careful with the application, it dries quite quick, so be precise otherwise it can get messy as it stains. When the lipstick dries, it is still very moisturizing and comfortable on the lips, transfers very little and without a touch up last for a good 5-7 hours.

Here are few swatches in different lighting.

 It feels super lightweight, color was so pigmented that just one layer worked for me perfectly. Dries to a complete matte. I’m really impressed with this lipstick and am happy that I finally had a chance to try it.


In the next couple of days I will let you know my thoughts on the remaining three as those are different in formulation and appearance compared with this one. 

Let me know, have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?



22 thoughts on “TooFaced Melted.. on my lips

  1. Totally jealous! I’ve been seeing the Two Faced Melted lip glosses all over the blogs too and now I desperately want to try them. Theres so many of the matte shades I want to try. I’m loving the swatch for the red one you have, its gorgeous and I like how it looks after it’s settled and its looks as though its the perfect pigmentation! Ah I need to try them!!

    xo, JJ

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