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Color your summer with @clarinscanada Lip Comfort Oil variety 

I’m sure, I’m at the point where I don’t have to explain my love towards this amazing skincare brand called Clarins! I have shared my Clarins love with you guys quite a bit and today I will continue to do so!


You have already heard me rave about the amazing Clarins Lip Comfort Oil (read my post on it here) – the original “honey” flavor has been my all time favorite.

Today I want to show you guys, 4 new and amazing flavors they have added to Lip Comfort Oil family, just in time for the summer.


04 Candy

05 Tangerine

06 Mint

07 Honey Glam

In each bottle, a nourishing cocktail of 2 plant oils – organic jojoba and hazelnut – is mixed with 1 oil specific to each shade: mirabelle, raspberry, achiote, buriti, shea, and macadamia. /source/

Lip Comfort Oil is my favorite lip care product – not only it looks great on the lips, giving them a fantastic non-sticky shine, it has great scent and most importantly it comforts dry lips, giving them the needed nutrition and comfort.

04 Candy


“Deliciously sweet for natural-looking, made-to-measure results. The fine, glossy texture has a fragrance based on cherry, raspberry and strawberry. An “intelligent” pigment creates personalized pink colour that looks natural.” /source/

It has such a nice scent to it. I love that it’s not overpowering – just the right amount of sweetness. It actually reminds me a little bit of bubble gum scent – bubble gum candy in the bottle. It’s light pink pigment looks very cute and luscious on the lips.

05 Tangerine


“Vitamin charged colour that boosts the lips’ natural tone. It’s fragrance is based on red currant and the “intelligent” pigment creates personalized coral colour.” /source/

Absolutely love it’s sweet scent – it’s sweet yet still fresh, just like the fruit – very addictive. It’s shade indeed enhances lips’ natural tone, which is amazing. Lips look brighter and full with life.

06 Mint


“All the care of an oil combined with the refreshing and lip-plumping effect of menthol. The lip-hugging, ultra-shiny texture has a subtle minty fragrance. Promotes an immediate feeling of intense freshness.” /source/

This one is probably my new favorite, at least for the summer season! It’s freshness is so addictive. A definite summer must have. Besides it’s great scent, I love that it gives my lips a plumping effect and that Ice Queen shine.

07 Honey Glam

“Nourishes and enhances lips with pretty shimmer results. Non-sticky texture is based on honey. Its lip care formula is combined with multi-faceted, shimmery pearls. Transparent colour results for lips that look naturally glossy and shimmery.” /source/

This is the upgraded version of my all time favorite Lip Comfort Oil – the original Honey. It has the same amazing and healing formulation, this one just has been glammed up. It’s great on its own or works amazing as a top coat on any of your lippies.

Overall, I just keep falling in love with the Lip Comfort Oils over and over again! They work miracles, look great and smell amazing! What is your favorite flavor? Let me know, if you have tried any of the new summer editions!




*PR sample. All the opinions are hones and my own.


14 thoughts on “Color your summer with @clarinscanada Lip Comfort Oil variety 

  1. I really want to try one of these oils! I’ve seen such good things about them! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too xx

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