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– BITE BEAUTY LAB creative magic –

Recently I was a part of an amazing and unforgettable experience, that I’m dying to share with you. My beautiful and, oh so magical, friend Cat ( put together this amazing beauty event, inviting me as one of her VIP guest – needless to say, I’m extremely grateful.

If you are a beauty lover, then I’m sure you have already heard about this amazing Canadian beauty brand – BITE BEAUTY, if you haven’t, don’t waste a minute and check them out!

Besides the amazing variety of lip products BITE BEAUTY treat us with, these guys also offer you an incredible experience to create your own lipstick – starting from the texture to the scent – it’s all in your own hands.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab – 678 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J 1E5

That is exactly what I got to experience last week – I was able to create a customized, hand-crafted lipstick! Wait, not just one lipstick.. two of them! That’s right! Two customized lipsticks, created exactly the way I wanted them to be!

I was one of the Cat’s (MyLipAddiction) three guests, my darling girls – Maria (BestDayBlogger) and Stashy (StashMatters) were part of the party too – it was like the ultimate girls night out – great vibe, amazing tunes, some wine and on top of that, you’re creating your dream lippie – can you ask for more?!

We were treated like the real royalties. The BITE BEAUTY LAB artists – Austen and Jen – were amazing – they were so pleasant and caring, and their perfect color and product knowledge was actually impressive.

Cat and I got to work with Austen, who was amazingly patient and caring. I wasn’t rushed and he made sure we create the shade I had in my mind.

The whole process starts with a little brainstorming session about the desired color, undertones, the finish.. While I was sipping on some wine, Austen, like an artist he is, started to sketch and create my perfect lipsticks. I was mesmerized by the whole process all together, but him being able to create exactly what I had in my mind, was absolutely magical.

Getting closer to the final shade, it’s given to you to try on your lips (prior prepared with the amazing Agave Sugar Lip scrub and Agave lip balm, I loved both products, but the balm – so good!). After little shade adjustments, reaching the perfection, the technical part of the process is about to begin.

You are offered to pick your lipstick scent. Which I think is so amazing and unique, like process itself didn’t blow my mind already!

In total you have 9 scents to chose from – coconut, citrus, violet, cherry, lime, vanilla, mint, wild-berry and citrus mango. I chose a coconut and lime for my beautiful berry lippie and a mango citrus for my perfect pink nude – yum!

The ingredients for my perfect lipstick are ready to go into the centrifuge, after which my liquid form lipsticks get poured into the mold and being placed on the anti-griddle for the final step. After a short and very exciting wait, my perfect lippies are ready to be worn and loved!


Here are my beauties, as fresh as can be ❤

With an absolutely fantastic experience, hand written note from our artists, lots of love and caring, we all are ready to take our new favorite lipsticks home.

Here are some swatches – I love how amazing the formula is and how elegant the color changes depending on the lighting.

Thank you BITE BEAUTY LIP LAB for hosting us, AUSTEN for being so creative and caring, LADIES for amazing company and CAT – you are a miracle maker – thank you for organizing this beautiful event that we all, I’m sure, will remember for a long time.

I’m already planning my next visit, this is how good it was! I highly recommend all the lipstick lovers to treat themselves with this fantastic experience!

I hope you enjoyed reliving my BITE BEAUTY LAB magic.

P.S. Guys, I need your help naming my new lipstick, somehow, I can’t come up with a good enough name. Leave your ideas in the comment section. Thank you in advance! There might be a little surprise to the name idea winner/winners 😉



Check out Cat’s post about the experience here ,

Stashy’s post here and

Maria’s post over here.

*This event was organized by Cat Forsley of As always, these views are my own.

32 thoughts on “– BITE BEAUTY LAB creative magic –

  1. Love this concept! This is the future of bespoke beauty!
    Not only is this a fab product, but the interactive element
    blows other competition out of the water. In an era of
    mass production “luxury products” this is true luxury!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No way!!!! I’m fascinated at how cool this experience must’ve been! I lovee the shades you chose theyre both gorgeous!

    As for names….
    Light pink: Lake Hillier (its weird BUT if you google image Lake Hillier its a pink lake in Australia, its so pretty and somewhat similar to that shade you have)
    Dark/Plum Pink: Pretty In Magenta (like the movie Pretty In Pink)

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful Post Grieta! I love it! Love your photos and it was an incredible experience. It was so wonderful to see you there. Absolutely loved being at Bite Beauty Lab with you and I hope we get to spend more time together soon. Have a beautiful week and congratulations on an incredible blog post! Love it! I LOVE your colours by the way. 🙂 Big hugs!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Amazing! I love your photos – almost like a journalist capturing every moment! Love the selfies with the scrub too! 😀
    Your shades are GORGEOUS – now seeing them again, I see how perfect they are for you!
    Ok, for names… hmmm let’s see.
    Light pink = Brav-O (get it? It’s like Brave, but not… 😉 )
    Plummy = Rock n Roller


    Liked by 2 people

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