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Bold Eye ft DiorShow

The Dior week continues and today’s post is about the eye make-up essentials. A mascara and a liner is all you really need to create the perfect eye. Playing with these two, you can go for different looks and achieve various results.


A mascara has always been my “must have on me at all times” product. DiorShow mascara is one of my all time favorites.  I have mentioned the mascara before, you can check it out here, and see the looks using the purple and the blue one.


“Diorshow, the professional Dior Backstage mascara, is being renewed. Its new-generation formula enriched with microfibers optically reproduces the effect of lash extensions used by runway makeup artists. Its patented AIR-LOCK wiper prevents the formula from being in contact with the air, keeping the mascara from drying in the tube, for fresh application, day after day.” /DIOR/

I’m a fan of a fuller brushes, which is the case for this mascara. Brush thickens lashes without clumping – buildable volume, with quality remaining good. It doesn’t smudge nor flake. What else is there to want!

This one is in color PRO BLACK 090 – perfect tool for perfect lashes.



Create a natural look effortlessly with a small amount of product, or go for that impressive catwalk look, adding few layers. Mascara also does an incredible job lengthening the lashes. With, previously mentioned, AIR-LOCK system, you are guaranteed to use a fresher and better stored product.


An eye liner is another tool that we love, when it comes to creating a bold eye. DiorShow Pro Liner in color Pro Navy 282 is a great one. I have fallen in love with it, as the color is perfect and it is quite easy to use, with an added long-lasting bonus.


It is so fun to use it as it’s bevel-tip allows you to create a line from thin to thick in just one motion. It is also waterproof and long-lasting, so you know that the line won’t move and invested effort creating that perfect wing will pay off.

The formula on the liner is gel-like and it is quite easy to work with. Liner is firm but glides on with an ease.

I love, love, love the color, it’s not as harsh as the black liner can get and it just adds a little bit of edge to the look. Blue is my favorite color, just saying.

What are your thoughts on these? Do you have an eye makeup essential you couldn’t live without?  




* Products were gratis, but all the opinions are honest and my own


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