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Flawless Looking Skin ft DIOR

With this post here, I’m starting the DIOR week. To the ones that follow my blog, this will come as no surprise – I’m seriously addicted to the DIOR beauty and can never get enough of it.

This post is dedicated to the flawless complexion as that is the foundation for everything in the makeup game. Also until March 4th, the DIOR counters at the selected Hudson’s Bay stores are having their “Your Face Perfection” events/workshops, so don’t miss out on that. Check out my experience here.

Today’s stars are DiorSkin Forever & Ever Wear makeup base, DiorSkin Forever Fluid Foundation, DiorSkin Forever & Ever Control loose powder and DiorSkin Star concealer.

Foundation is just one of the components for the perfect looking skin. The makeup base is as important. It will even out the uneven skin tone and other imperfections, as well as will help the foundation to last and look amazing.

Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear makeup base comes in a universal shade that ensures instant blurring, mattifying, refines pores and extends the foundation’s wear. /source/


DiorSkin Forever & Ever Wear makeup base is non-oily fluid, that applies and blends  in perfectly. Super light formula. Right away skin gains a beautiful velvety finish and looks close to the perfection. If you have enlarged pores, this make-up base will take all the necessary care of it, filling and smoothing them out.

Packaging, as per usual, with the Dior products, looks very elegant and sleek. The scent on it is so fresh and amazing, yet not overpowering. Another great feature on it is the added sunscreen – SPF 20.

Effortlessly skin is ready for the biggest component towards flawless complexion – the foundation.


DiorSkin Forever liquid foundation, is the product everyone keeps talking about and for a good reason. I am very happy that I finally had a chance to try it and now I’m convinced that I will stick with it. I had some great help finding the right shade, as there are quite a bit to choose from. In my previous post, I mentioned the Dior perfect complexion workshops and that’s where the makeup artist did my true-to-tone color match, which is 014.

From morning to night, a perfect complexion for 16hrs. A luminous matte finish, a flawless complexion and unprecedented comfort, in any circumstances. A new formula enriched with the Poreless Effect Skincare Essence refines the skin’s texture, day after day.
Now available in 28 shades, Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation gives every woman the opportunity to find the ideal match to enhance her skin tone with stunning perfection. Exceptionally fine mattifying powders instantly create the perfect luminous matte finish. /source/


Just like the previously mentioned make-up base, this foundation is so lightweight – it felt like there is nothing on my face. The foundation has a non-oily and thin texture, that creates an even coverage. The application with it is truly effortless and perfect – you can’t even tell there’s a product on your face! Most of the time, I go from sheer to medium coverage, but there are times it changes. This foundation is buildable and it won’t jeopardize the quality of the outcome. Start with a little bit of product for more sheer look and add little more for fuller coverage.

The foundation blends in amazing, creating the perfect looking skin. It has a matte finish, but it’s not the dull matte, if that makes any sense. I love that this DiorSkin Forever liquid foundation is actually long lasting and really and truly delivers the promised up to 16 hour coverage.

If there wouldn’t be enough reasons to love it already, how about the fact that its formula is enriched with poreless effect technology, reducing pore visibility and also contains a broad spectrum SPF 35!

For subtle everyday look these two products are all you really need to create a beautiful looking skin. But if you want to amp it up or find a need to work more on some imperfections, these next two products will help to do so.

The setting powder, will not only work for that finishing touch, it can also be your saver during the day, if you feel that you need an effortless touch-up.


DIORSKIN FOREVER & EVER CONTROL is a one very good looking powder. It has not only looks though, product performs very well.

As a finishing touch, Diorskin Forever & Ever Control loose powder guarantees a long-lasting, matte result. Its air-whipped texture in a universal shade leaves a weightless finish on the skin. Skin is instantly smoothed and mattified with Activ-Mat™ mattifying powders that absorb excess sebum and help neutralize shine. Holding polymers help ensure makeup is set and lasts throughout the day. Fine and invisible, its texture does not dry out the skin and leaves it feeling comfortable. /source/


DiorSkin Forever & Ever loose powder packaging is simple yet elegant, I love its sophisticated look. The powder comes with a cute little brush, that works great with the fabric mesh sifter built into packaging to pick up and use just the right amount of the product.

As mentioned in the product formula description, this lightweight powder gives the skin an amazing mattifying finish, keeping the unwanted shine away. I see myself using it on it’s own for the very lazy make-up days.

And finally the concealer! I started to use one after becoming a mom.. It’s a no lie that the sleep quality with baby or babies at home, drastically reduces and stressful days leave some visible marks. In my case, those would be some dark circles on and off.


Diorskin Star uses “Light PulsionTM” technology to act on different dimensions of professional light. Upon application, a new generation of hollow silica beads capture and diffuse light in a correcting no-shine halo. At the same time, colour-filter pigments neutralize colour imbalances. In addition to this immediate combined effect of freshness, skincare ingredients specific to the eye contour area target action at the source of the skin’s radiance: with each application, they help reduce puffiness, dark circles and redness. /source/


This DiorSkin Star concealer not only covers dark circles, but it also brightens the under eye area. I love the soft doe foot applicator and, again, the very light texture, that blends in so nicely and offers a full coverage. Concealer didn’t crease on me and lasted all day. It has also made the “Survive the Motherhood” necessities list.

I hope you enjoyed the post and found it useful. I was over the moon happy to try these products myself and to be able to share my experience and love with all of you.

Just another reminder that the Dior counters in selected Hudson’s Bay stores are organizing and running fun workshops (until March 4th), sharing some backstage tips and tricks.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or maybe you have attended the workshop? 


* Products were gratis but all the opinions are honest and my own.


15 thoughts on “Flawless Looking Skin ft DIOR

  1. oh wow, Dior looks like their make up quality is on point! I can’t believe how well the foundation blends like that it literally looks like you don’t even have make up on when you swatched it into your hand! I guess it helps that the color tone you have fits your skin tone perfectly!!! I’m really impressed with their line!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oh la la! I love this post love! First of all I would like to say love all your photos! Incredible. I love DIOR also and have a huge love relationship with them. lol so amazing right? Everything looks incredible! So beautiful! Love that photo of you. can you say STUNNING! 🙂 Big hugs and Happy March 1st! I wish you all the best this month love! Thanks for being incredible to me and visiting my blog and leaving amazing comments. You rock and love you lots! Loving your blog posts!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’ve honestly never even tested any Dior face products. You’ve got me curious about the base and the foundation now.
    The packaging of the loose powder is quite genius too – every loose powder should incorporate a mesh like that.
    Actually, I lie, I did once swatch that concealer with the intention of redeeming some Optimum points for it but my shade was sold out!
    Your face looks flawless! Is that from your makeover or just you all glammed up, hanging out with your kiddies? XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Same! I’m more familiar with their actual makeup products, but, man, I’m sold. All of that and no weight nor trace of products on my face. All of these are winners to me! The base is so good, I could probably go with just that on my face haha
      No glam from kids, trust me! :))

      Liked by 2 people

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