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TooFaced Melted..on my lips VOL2

A few days ago I posted a post about Too Faced Melted Matte which I fell in love with (read the post here), today continuing the theme, I will share my thoughts on the remaining three lipsticks from the Too Faced Merry Kissmas set.

Too Faced Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks



CHOCOLATE HONEY is from their new Melted Chocolate collection. It smells absolutely delicious. It’s actually a border line dangerous, as all I could think while wearing it was a milk chocolate, that I could not stop craving until I attacked one.

The formula is amazing, it glides on so smoothly and easy. The sponge applicator is super soft and firm at the same time, which makes the application process precise and hassle free. Lipstick has a nice pigment and applies evenly, not much is needed for a full coverage. It’s not hydrating nor it’s drying, but feels really comfortable on the lips. It’s actually not that long lasting, I was expecting it to last somewhere around 6 hours, as it claims to be long lasting. It lasted more around 4 hour mark. It has a nice satin finish with just the right amount of shine.

Color on my lips looks much lighter than the tube shows, which I’m totally fine with. On me it looks like a very nice nude. I would say, it’s somewhere between light brown and beige.

CHIHUAHUA and FIG are the lipsticks from their original Melted collection. CHIHUAHUA was my least favorite. I was disappointed to see that the color is nothing like it’s shown on the tube. It looks brown with a very light hint of pink. From all three, it lasts the shortest time and has a poor pigment. It pretty much feels like a tinted lip-gloss. It has a cute name for sure, but I would not recommend it, as it didn’t deliver anything I was expecting it to. I also find it to look somewhat patchy. Maybe that’s just me or the batch I got.

20170116_121523.jpgFIG is my favorite from all three. It has a very lovable shade, again thought, it doesn’t look as bright as the tube shows. It’s a beautiful purple with hints of pink. It looks so good on the lips – perfect everyday bold. Just like the other two, it is very easy to apply – glides on very smoothly. It has a good pigment and last around 4 to 5 hours. It does transfer and will fade eventually, but will still leave a stain. Lipstick has a beautiful satin finish, with just the right amount of shine.

I’m not too big of a fan of the scent, it’s pretty artificial. Good thing is that it eventually fades away.

Here are few swatches in different lighting.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic get to know set for the amazing value. I really loved the Melted Matte, I would love to check out more shades in that formula. As for the other ones, it seems that formula and performance changes depending on the color. All of them though are super lightweight, which I absolutely loved. FIG and CHOCOLATE HONEY gets my approval, CHIHUAHUA unfortunately disappointed me.

What are your thoughts on these? What’s your favorite shade from Too Faced Melted and Melted Matte, if you have tried a different ones?



27 thoughts on “TooFaced Melted..on my lips VOL2

  1. Love chocolate honey! That colour is right up my alley haha. Too bad about chihuahua though but really appreciate your honesty about how disappointing it was. I still haven’t tried these (the horror, I know lol) but I think I want to try the Origins lipsticks as you suggested first 🙂

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