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Welcome High Heels with #SolePatches

I don’t wear high heels too often – my feet just can’t handle them. I do admire you ladies rocking those heels like there’s no tomorrow. For me it usually ends with all kinds of blisters, sore feet and overall discomfort.

I have tried insoles before but they just take away that tiny extra space I have in the shoe.

I was quite excited to try out these super cute looking #SolePatches.


Sole Patches was created for the shoe lover who needs to walk those extra five blocks without the urge to hail a cab, for the shoe lover who wants to dance a little longer on the dance floor, for the shoe lover who needs to mingle a little longer at that cocktail party!

They are made out of PORON®, a cushioning urethane that’s antimicrobial, odor and moisture repelling, a solution to daily pain from high heels was created. Most notably, its shock-absorbing properties will eliminate the pain and soreness in the ball of the foot area caused by your feet bouncing around in high heels all day! /source/

Killer heels don’t have to kill your feet. These cute looking #solepatches will help to ease the pain and will add some comfort to those stunning but not always comfortable shoes.

I was able to rock some pretty amazing and challenging pumps this Holiday season, as the cushioning really made it much easier. It wasn’t easy per say, but it was much more comfortable. I will definitely use them in all of my high heel shoes from now on.


The price is very reasonable too – $9.95 for 6 pcs and can be ordered from Sole Patches website (
Thank you @brandbacker and @solepatches for allowing me to wipe off the dust from these puppies.

P.S. Happy New Year! 



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11 thoughts on “Welcome High Heels with #SolePatches

  1. Great blog, I don’t wear high heels to much…prefer my wellies!! Living in the country if i end up wearing them on the odd night out, They normally get covered in mud half way up the drive or I loss the heel in the grass….lol x

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  2. I’m such a high heel kind of girl, idk whyyyy I’ve never thought to do this! I seriously die when I wear them all day long but I just love heels so much that I just suffer through the pain lol I love when you write “Killer heels don’t have to kill your feet.” haha its so true. I also live by “it hurts to be cute….sometimes” haha this was a much needed suggestion!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Ha ha, love it! “..sometimes..” lol Yeah, if there is a way to make feet feel little more comfortable wearing heels why wouldn’t we put it in use, right? I never even thought of something like this. But it really makes all the difference! xox

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  3. Ooh $9.95 for 3 pairs? That is very reasonable! I hate wearing high heels because my arches are high and the balls of my feet suffer.
    Question – are those REALLY heels that you wear?!! 😮

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