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#MonParis by Yves Saint Laurent

“Paris, tu es ma gaieté, Paris.
Tu es ma douceur aussi.
Tu es toute ma tendresse.
Paris, tes gamins, tes artisans,
Tes camelots et tes agents
Et tes matins de printemps,
Paris, l’odeur de ton pavé d’oies,
De tes marronniers, du bois.
Je pense à toi sans cesse.
Paris, je m’ennuie de toi, mon vieux.
On se retrouvera tous les deux,
Mon grand Paris…”
/Édith Piaf/
Paris and I have a relationship that’s been lasting for more than two decades. It started after I saw the perfume ad (I wish I could remember which one it was) as a kid, with the chansons in the background and Paris as the lead role. Over the years, my love has only grown bigger and stronger.
Being a part of Yves Saint Laurent newest fragrance Mon Paris launch breakfast was a dream come true.
I want to thank my beauty guru, the one and only Dave Lackie for letting me be a part of this fantastic event and unforgettable experience. Before I dive into still fresh memories, I also want to say thank you to the YSL Product Manager Aziza Amri and the YSL team for such beautiful execution. I think this might have been a one of the most elegant events I have been to.
Early breakfast events are probably my favorite. There’s something magical about witnessing the city waking up and people rushing to get into their everyday routine, while being a beauty breakfast guest, you have all the tools to stop the time.
Mon Paris breakfast was held at the Arcadian Loft in downtown Toronto. On top of the overpowering excitement from the night before, seeing the table and room setting, I was blown away.
The room was filled with stunning YSL products, Mon Paris fragrance posters, absolutely beautiful flower bouquets and hypnotizing scents. The sun filled room got livelier as the guest kept arriving.
Reunions and new friendships. Laughter, excitement, admiration, camera clicks and overall gratitude got mixed along with the fragrances’ created ambiance.

With my beautiful ladies! In top photo from L-R: Jenni, Connie, Me and Cat


Few of #DavesBabes ❤ L-R: Nicci, Me, Cat, Dave, Dayana, Madeline, Haffy, Connie

Upon arrival Dave Lackie introduced us with the beautiful YSL Product Manager Aziza Amri, who delighted us with her presence coming all the way from Montreal.
Along with the much needed caffeine dose early in the morning, we were also offered the Mon Paris signature cocktail – which had the fragrance main notes and the signature bow – lavallière, which is a symbolic part of the Mon Paris fragrance – talk about the detail – absolutely beautiful.
Our amazingly delicious breakfast was prepared by the culinary maestros – Oliver and Bonacini. They always create a high class menu along with fantastic execution. Here are a few mouthwatering captions of what the menu looked like. I don’t think I have to mention again how good it was.
After this fine food indulgence, Aziza Amri introduced us with the “Mon Paris” and shared the story behind the fragrance. She revealed that between already addictive fragrance notes and ingredients, there’s this narcotic flower – Datura also know as a Devil’s Breath or Devil’s (some places Angel’s) Trumpet, which is probably partially to blame for the Mon Paris world wide success. The fragrance will bewitch you.
Mon Paris tells the story about the modern lover – the woman in charge. It’s full with the passion and will get you lose your senses.
Mon Paris lover, represented by Canadian Crista Cober, is wearing a lavallière, which carries the heritage from when back in the day, Mr.Saint Laurent would design women’s clothing with it, giving them a chance to show their status and their professional success which at that point was a men’s game.
Mon Paris is not only an addictive fragrance full with love and passion, it is also a statement and a lifestyle.
Which is why, YSL has created the makeup collection with the same name, to go hand in hand with the fragrance. As every new fragrance has it’s story and attitude. This way, it is going to be easier to recreate and accentuate the look brought by the specific fragrance. Here is the beautiful Mon Paris eye palette, with all it’s signature detail.
After a beautiful and passionate presentation by Aziza Amri, I fell in love with the Mon Paris fragrance and the YSL brand even more, if that’s even possible. During her speech about the whole project, it’s development, the bottle design, the detail and the time investment, I got really inspired. Those are the moments that show you the love for what you do and push you to follow your dreams.
 Posing with the always charming Dave Lackie

Click here for a great read on the history of YSL on

And The Beautiful GiftBag – all the necessary essentials to create your own MonParis
Olfactory Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry, Bergamot essence, Calone
Olfactory Notes: Pear flesh, Orange flower absolute, Jasmin Sambac absolute, White Peony, Datura
Olfactory Family: White Chypre
Families of Fragrance: Chypre / Patchouli

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  1. Looks like an A-Class event although I don’t expect anything less seeing as though its a YSL coordinated event. That mustve been truly amazing to attend- glad I was able to live vicariously through the post 🙂

    xo, JJ

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