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First #ClarinsOpenSpa concept in North America

Thirty five dollars can buy you a nice lipstick or mascara. It can get you breakfast essentials or a movie ticket along with some snacks. Thirty five dollars can be very little or quite a bit of money depending on what it would go towards. How about a Luxury Spa Experience? Yes, 35 dollars can get you 30 minutes of a relaxing SPA treatment.

Earlier this week, I was invited to an amazing cocktail party (thank you wonderful Dave LackieΒ and Clarins team for having me there). It marked the official unveiling of the first Clarins Open Spa counter design in North America. How exciting does that sound?!

Let me tell you a little more about the event and the whole concept.

All the magic happened at the Hudson’s Bay Queen Street location, surrounding Clarins counter. Upon arrival guests were offered some cocktails and delicious appetizers (Oliver & Bonacini struck again).

The flower arrangements didn’t go unnoticed. Everything looked so classy and elegant.


Did I mentioned all the red carpet action and Clarins Canada star presence – just to list the few – the president of Clarins Canada, the national sales director, the national public relations director, the SPA development director, Eric Antionetti – international artistic and training director, the beautiful sales and PR team was there.

With Connie and Christine

I love Clarins brand so much, from the product ingredients, assortment and performance, to the idea behind the brand. When I heard about this concept, it got me real excited.

After little mingling, Regine Perron –Β Boutique & Spa Development Director at Clarins, introduced us with and explained the Open Spa idea.

This is the first Open Spa concept in North America exclusively for Hudsons Bay. Only the third in the world, after the first one successfully launched 2 years ago inΒ England and then Hong Kong. It’s committed to offering the best service at all levels.

Clarins 30 minute Open Spa offers 7 treatments suitable for men and women. Depending on the treatment, you will receive a consultation, skin analysis, eye and face cleansing, exfoliation, serum mask for the eyes, massage, product recommendations and even a makeup touch up if desired.


I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact of how affordable this is going to be/is. That is one of the reasons I love Clarins so much! They truly care for their consumers. It’s affordable luxury – amazing!

Always charming and radiant Eric Antoniotti, who is the International Artistic and Training director, honored us with his appearance, flying in specially for the launch.

He speaks with such passion and can’t stress enough, that Clarins offer us the makeup that cares! He doesn’t feel the urge to jump the trend wagon, if a product’s formula is not going to take care of our skin, lips, lashes etc. That is just one of the factors that make Clarins so unique and lovable.

After themspeeches, I used an opportunity to experience one of the spa treatments myself. I went for a “Say no! To tension.” – which is not as much facial as it is a massage and overall relaxation. That was exactly what this tired mama needed.

It was a fantastic experience which involved aromatherapy and an amazing head, shoulder and hand massage. Despite the buzz around, I was able to shut it all down and relax to the fullest.The Open Spa counter location is strategically created to muffle the surrounding noise. I’m already eyeing the next treatment I will spoil myself with, after pre-holiday shopping perhaps.

After this amazing experience, I was lucky enough to get a make-up touch up done by Eric Antoniotti – real VIP treatment I tell ya. I wanted to see the new Clarins eye palette in use, so that was the one he used on me, with no effort and in no time, he created a beautiful look, which I would be able to recreate without a hassle.


The new Clarins eye palette is now on my wish list, just saying. It’s a stunner and is a limited holiday edition, so I better hurry and so should you.


Full with positive energy, vino and a beautiful gift bag, I was heading home, already planning my next Open Spa visit.

With my beautiful ladies Jennifer, Connie and Christine

Connie showcasing amazing Clarins tote and the goodies we went home with.

What are your thought on this amazing concept? Which treatment appealed to you the most and will you treat yourself with one or two?


Charmer Dave Lackie and I

You can look for a #clarinsopenspa#clarinsopenspa to see more pictures and mentions on the Social Media Channels.


22 thoughts on “First #ClarinsOpenSpa concept in North America

  1. I used to get monthly facials at Clarins and I LOVED THEM! They are so gentle to your skin and they really MASSAGE the skin the whole time (with some facials I think they get lazy and just slap on a face mask / treatment and leave the room for 20 mins and then you’re done, what the heck is THAT? I can do my own face masks at home!) The Clarins products always smell so calming too.
    This event looked like a ton of fun – what’s better than eating, seeing friends and getting pampered? NOTHING, that’s what!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, exactly! Totally agree- lazy treatment is the worse. I have always felt such love from Clarins people. Oh yes!! All the necessary components were there:) We should maybe plan out rendez-vous around that area and include SPA in it πŸ™‚


  2. What an awesome event! I wish I was from that area, I wouldve 100% have attended that…I mean, spa AND macaroons…. I don’t know if it gets any better than that! What a great experience that must’ve been, you showcased it so well!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

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