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Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil from CLARINS

This Fall comes with the beautiful and bold lipstick shades – matte or glossy, satin or sheer, it doesn’t matter – all of them stunning but non will look good on a dry and chapped lips.

With the cold and windy weather on the horizon, it is so important to take a good care of the lips. It is important all year long really. Although, somehow, when the weather changes into the more harsh conditions, we tend to think about our face, skin, lips more.

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil from Clarins is my favorite lip repair/treatment product.


Clarins is one of my favorite skincare brands. I have to thank the amazing beauty guru, one and only – Dave Lackie for introducing me with this fantastic brand and getting me addicted to their skincare products.

Clarins name has been around since 1954. The family company was founded by the medical student Jacques Courtin – Clarins. In 1957, Courtin-Clarins developed a new approach to face and body treatments and created a few luxury products based exclusively on plants./source/

That is Clarins staple to this day – a plant based skincare that feels truly luxurious and yet affordable, which is one of the reasons I love the brand so much.

Clarins Laboratories constantly keep an eye on what’s happening in the scientific and technological world. Products they have developed are considered to be major skincare innovations, from sun protection to well-being.

Clarins is continuously perfecting its products. It’s a practical expression of the founder’s motto:

“Do more, do better and enjoy doing so.”


Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil – a comforting oil that immediately soothes lips and nourishes them while leaving them beautifully shiny with natural-looking color. Its rich texture develops a protective, non-sticky film on the surface of the lips. Protected from dehydration, lips are supple, soft and look plumper. /source/

It’s a fantastic product. So easy to use and really delivers amazing results. Use it as a prevention or as a treatment. This comfort oil adds a beautiful shine and despite thicker texture, is non sticky, which is an absolute bonus.

It looks a lot like honey, has a nice and soft scent, and a little bit of sweet-ish taste to it. Application is so smooth and product feels so comfortable on the lips. Instant softness guaranteed.

A cocoon applicator is a perfection! It just takes the application process and the whole experience to the different level.


The revolutionary formula is rich in plant active ingredients, directly inspired by the expertise of Clarins face and body oils.

This is my must have lip product, which I highly recommend. It’s affordable and now comes also in a couple more flavors – raspberry and berry, which are tinted. My favorite remains the original honey flavored. You can check them out here.

Let me know if you have tried Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil? What are your thoughts? Maybe there’s a different lip repair/treatment product you are raving about?




21 thoughts on “Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil from CLARINS

    1. Yes, I do it cautiously as I don’t want the product to go flying haha I love this one so much that I’m not sure I want to try the other flavors, I don’t know why they kinda looks artificial to me even though I know they probably not, it’s Clarins after all haha


  1. It comes in multiple flavours?! Im sure they smell heavenly. Still haven’t picked one up yet but love the applicator. So different and nice to know it’s make the experience next level as you say. It’s on my list of things to pick up soon thanks to you!

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