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– Polish On –

I have a weak spot for the nail polishes, nail art, pretty nails, color combinations, fun patterns and textures.

I believe that our nails are one of the best accessory we can have. It is so easy to create a match for your outfit or mood. Or do a contrast and create your own color rules.

Nail painting is so fun and the range of available colors and shades is mind blowing. I need a real strength to convince myself I don’t need a new polish just yet. A lot of times, I lose in this battle.

Pretty nails make me smile and definitely lift my spirit.

This is my first nail polish post on TO Beauty ‘n Beyond and I chose the OPI “WILLIAM TELL ME ABOUT OPI” as an opener for this category.


It’s a nail polish from OPI Swiss Collection.

A beautiful color for the Fall. It is a deep dark cherry plum mix. Looks almost brown-ish, but when you look closer or when the light hits it, you can see the purple undertone. What a beautiful shade it is.

For the best color outcome I use 2 to 3 layers. Polish dries pretty fast and last a good while. Most of the time I will use a topcoat, but for reviewing purposes I used it on it’s own, just to get the right idea of how long lasting it is.

It started to chip on a day 4, but I feel that it is important for me to add, that I’m in a contact with the water all the time (as a mom of two little bébés, there’s always a mess that needs to be cleaned).

Polish applies easily, has an even application and looks amazing. I always get complimented on it.

In the photos below you can see how the color changes with the different lighting. This is probably one of my dark shade nail polish favorites. It’s been with me for a long time and still good as new.

What are your nail polish faves?

– STAY BEAUTIFUL (and paint your nails) –


12 thoughts on “– Polish On –

  1. Pretty decent wear time considering you’re always washing your hands, especially since you didn’t put on a top coat! I like that this is vampy but still registers as plum. These types of colours are like instant-chic in a bottle. 🙂

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