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Eau Florale De Lavande by Maison Jacynthe

Little while ago, I wrote a post (you can read it here) about this amazing Canadian brand called Maison Jacynthe. That time it was about their new make-up line, today I’m sharing my experience with their Eau Florale De Lavande / Lavander Scented Floral Water.


Lavender is known for it’s calming and relaxing characteristics. It’s been used for alleviating insomnia, anxiety, depression, restlessness, stress. It has also been proven effective for nearly all kinds of ailments, from pain to infections.

Lavender is amazing! I have to admit that I have a weakness for this flowering plant – from it’s looks to it’s use and benefits.

I’m a huge face spray fan. I almost never leave the house without one in my bag, especially in summer.

Face spray or hydrating mist, both are correct, can be used in several ways. Use it under your moisturizer for better absorption or use it to set the make-up. I love to spray my face with it to get an instant refresh feeling and it is great for those moments when you feel that your skin needs the hydration. I love everything about a face mist.

The one I tried from Maison Jacynthe is the lavender water. It is amazing! I really love it.

Simple but beautiful packaging – dark glass with clean label. Sprays evenly and smell fantastic. It not only refreshes and hydrates, it also works as my anti-stress/calming spray. In the beginning of the post, I already mentioned the amazing benefits of the lavender. This spray is win win for me.

If you’re a lavender lover, I highly recommend this spray! It is amazing.

With teething baby and emotional toddler, this EAU FLORALE DE LAVANDE saves my day and helps me to calm down. It’s my miracle spray.

Let me know what is your favorite face spray/mist. I believe you can never have too many!


Disclaimer: PR sample, but all the opinions are mine and always honest. Not sponsored.


23 thoughts on “Eau Florale De Lavande by Maison Jacynthe

  1. oh lordddd do i loveee the scent of lavendar. I have a lavender vanilla candle- nothing is more soothing. however, ive never tried a face spray- to be honest i dont think they even existed but if i were to ever try one I think i’d for sure have to get this one!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. I love facial mists, I use one daily in the mornings pre-serum. I also spray one at the office when my face is dehydrated from the office air. I’ve never tried a lavender one though – sounds great to relax!

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