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Project Pan Inspired Weekly Update

Hello my beautiful people. I have been MIA due my little ones teething fun and toddlers crazy personality expression and arguing period – this mamma is exhausted 🙂

But collecting all the “free” time I can, I’m delivering my report on Project Pan Inspired (PPI) progress.

I have a couple of empties – Vichy Cleansing foam – I wrote about it in my last PPI post. I really liked the cleanser and finished it actually this morning. I’m excited to look for another one to take it’s place. I have a few to choose from.

I also finished a Garnier SkinActive Ultra-Lift Miracle Wake-Up Cream. It was a perfect summer moisturizer that I used in the mornings to wake-up my skin. With a light gel texture it gave my skin an instant hydration and absorbed in no time. I love the pump mechanisms for the skincare products. One pump would be enough for the whole face. It does have a very light scent, that I found refreshing but if you’re sensitive to scents, I would recommend to sniff it before the purchase.


Final verdict – I liked the product a lot. Felt super light-weight which is very important for me and addition to that, it delivered a great hydration.

Maybelline FIT ME pressed powder – I’ve hit the pan! Oh boy, that made me happy. When I started the PPI, I said that we haven’t really clicked and that I wanted to give it another try. I’m glad I did. It’s been serving me well actually. I still can’t wait to commit to my Teeez powder though.

FitMe pressed powder comes in this nice packaging, that has a mirror and a “puff” compartment.

I would suggest to toss the “puff” though. It makes the powder application and performance terrible. I think that was the reason I didn’t like it. A powder brush with this product makes the biggest difference.

Final verdict – it’s not a bad powder (if you use the powder brush) and is very affordable. I won’t repurchase it, as we didn’t have all love and passion relationship, and besides I have found my powder, that I am more than happy about.

That would be it for today! Have a fantastic ThanksGiving weekend! 



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