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Fall Tagging Fun

Fall greeting to all of you beautiful people!

I really love this season and this time of the year. It’s finally fresh and crisp outside, bright colors and cozy layering. What’s not to love?!

Last week an amazing Canadian Blogger Alanna from CLASSY ON THE RUN tagged me in her Fall post, so today I’m paying my dues and in the end of my post I will tag 3 other amazing bloggers, that I think might have fun with this.

So let’s begin!

What is your favorite Fall color?

I love the combination of dark maroon and bright orange. Fall is the only season, I don’t mind wearing or accessorizing with shades of orange.

What is your favorite Fall lip product? 

Fall marks the beginning of the Clarins Lip Oil season. One of the best lip products out there!

What is your favorite Fall accessory? 

Scarfs! Bigger or smaller, thicker or thinner, bright or neutral – pick and choose 🙂

What is your favorite Fall nail polish? 

This is a hard one – I definitely like dark nails for Fall. Hmm, let’s go with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in WineStock.


What is your favorite Fall scent? 

I love that after the rain scent and how the fallen leaves smell. It’s hypnotizing.

What is your favorite Fall fashion?

As I mentioned earlier, I love layering. I love my knits and red-ish brown vegan jacket with a scarf if it’s cooler outside.

What is your favorite Fall Starbucks drink? 

I might have a couple of their Fall drinks here and there, but I prefer just a regular bold roast – not a fan of sweet tasting drinks.


What is your favorite thing about Fall? 

I love practically everything about the Fall. It feels so fresh outside. Cooler temperatures encourage us to cuddle and snuggle more I think. Fall also marks a soup and PJ’s season for me 🙂 And it is so pretty outside, especially if you can get out of the city.

What are you being for Halloween? 

I’m not the biggest Halloween fan. Back home we never really celebrated the holiday, we had a different one with the similar theme – the dead, spirits, ghosts 🙂 It was also more spiritual rather than fun. That being said, now having kids and living in North America, Halloween is becoming a part of our Fall. Kids and hubby have their personas and roles picked up, I still have some time 😉

Last years look 🙂

What is your favorite fall hairstyle?

I don’t really have one. I almost always just have my hair down with no special styling. Hairdos are not a talent of mine 🙂


Also give these ladies a follow if you’re not already – they are amazing.




– Stay Beautiful (and cozy) – 


25 thoughts on “Fall Tagging Fun

  1. I’m a nail polish addict! hows the sallys gel? ive always wanted to try it but i have this weird thing that if its difficult to remove then i dont want anything to do with it lol does it come off with regular polish remover?

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It totally does feel like a regular nail polish. It comes with the gel top coat, you can of course use it with or without it. It has a nicer finish and last a good while, but other than that it is pretty much like other nail polishes 😉 No fuss no muss 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for tagging me!
    I must admit that I haven’t fully embraced Fall mentally yet. I think possibly due to just coming back from vacation. I LOVE Fall though!
    I agree, scarves are the best thing about Fall dressing – and layering. 😀
    I’ve outgrown Halloween… the best part for me is still the CANDIES though! 😉
    I did a Fall tag last year:
    Some of the questions are similar! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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