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-Teeez Steps Into the North American Market with innovations and bold statements-


Stunning Andrea finding her Teeezthanks for the photo, girl! xo

Rebel is definitely one of the words that comes to my mind when I think about the brand. I have been writing and obsessing about the Teeez Cosmetics for a little while now (read my previous posts here, here and here), even thought their official launch happened just recently.

I was fortunate to attend the Teeez VIP dinner earlier this week and I am happy to report back. What a great experience and opportunity it was to see the faces behind the brand that is strongly stepping into Canadian Beauty market with such a confidence and a strong statement.

I have to thank my favorite Beauty Editor and Beauty Guru Dave Lackie, for this exclusive insight and yet another amazing and unforgettable experience. Thank you!!

Unlike the other events I’ve been to, this one had two parts to it. It started by the Teeez counter at The Hudson’s Bay cosmetics department, where we got introduced with the amazing new technologies the brand is incorporating into their appearance.


We do live in the technology era, so going along with the time makes a lot of sense. Teeez is working on this new and amazing application, that will allow you to scan the product and besides the ingredient list and the product info, you will get the little video of how to use the chosen product to it’s full potential. Isn’t this amazing?!

If you have seen the Teeez counters at the Hudson’s Bay stores, you have noticed the mirror walls they have there. Those ain’t just mirrors.. they are mirrors with cameras. Few will have another application installed in them, which will scan your face and will allow you to try the collections without an actual product application. Great for the times when you want to dare yourself to try new and possibly little crazy color combinations.

This is not all, there is this another invention that got me all excited. How many times after makeover you go home and looking at the face-chart you try to remember and replicate the look you loved so much? Teeez will send you a video of your own makeover! What?! Yes, that’s right! I think it supper innovative and smart. Doesn’t this make you want to run to the closest Teeez counter and experience all of this yourself?


After an amazing and refreshing dose of technology, we moved upstairs to The Arcadian Lofts. This place never disappoints. It is also the location of my first beauty editor experience event that happened a year ago.


Beautiful flower arrangements add hypnotizing floral scent to the room. Bold messages on the posters placed around the room, edgy and colorful makeup product displays give you an idea about the brand – it’s current, it’s happening, it’s live and has strong character.

Energy levels are always high – so many happy and excited faces. Signature cocktails and mouthwatering foods (Oliver & Bonacini – you do it the best). Breathtaking table setting. It’s all there. Thank you Dave and your team for the amazing execution.

I was lucky enough to be sitting next to the Senior Global Makeup Artist Paul Van Der Wal – the man who is to blame for these amazing Teeez products we all are drooling about.

Paul Van Der Wal has such a colorful personality, a great sense of humor and an appreciation for fashion. One of his missions is to deliver fashion trends to everyone that shares the passion.

With the talented artist and fashion addict – Paul Van Der Wal

The privileges, sitting next to this talented man, was some great personalized tips and techniques on how to use the products, which I thought was pretty amazing.

In his interview with Dave, we were able to see Paul Van Der Wal’s passionate personality even more. He told us about his journeys of inspiration, world travels, his work with new artists and designers. He talked about how he likes to transfers different texture trends from a catwalk into his makeup collections.

Paul Van Der Wal sharing his inspirations and fashion passion

For example, in the newest Teeez collection Fashion Vendetta – the trending combination of latex pants/skirt and sweaters, which is a pairing of sleek shinny and soft fluffy – can be found in their amazing lip glosses and soft powder eye shadows. He loves to play with the textures and colors, and he wants us to revel in it. I think without a doubt I can say, that we are.

A Part Of My Swag Bag – To Die For Eye Shadow quad and a Material Girl lipstick from the new Fashion Vendetta collection, and Earth Elements jewelry 

Several times during the interview Paul Van Der Wal said how important it is for him, to give us the catwalk looks as soon as they are seen. He tries to create the collections everyone can feel connected with.

I loved how Paul Van Der Wal called the collections his babies. After meeting him and talking to him, I can see the nurturing and thought put into each collection. It was such an honor and exclusivity to meet the man behind this work of art. Can’t thank my Beauty Guru – Dave Lackie – enough!

On that note, let me say, I have fallen in love with the brand even more!

A Colorful Swag Bag We Got Spoiled With

For more photos and comments look for #TeeezBeauty – we took over the social media 🙂

A huge thank you also goes to Daniel from the Earth Elements for the beautiful jewelry we all got! This guy is a real talent and I was not paid to say this!

Christine, Jennifer, Connie and I – showcasing the beautiful bracelets

I hope I was able to bring you some feel of the evening.


Always charming Dave Lackie and I

16 thoughts on “-Teeez Steps Into the North American Market with innovations and bold statements-

  1. That’s such a great idea about taking a video of the makeover!
    I’ve loved all the products that I’ve bought from Teeez so far, I can’t wait to try more! I’ll likely go for a lip product – how amazing are those tube designs?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, thats my favorite add on! You can choose from full makeover video to shorter that you can share to your social media etc – so so cool!
      And lipsticks are amazing – Material girl and Read my lips – both.


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