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Project Pan Inspired

A few of amazing bloggers (StashMatters, A Brash Attitude and CurlySpringBlossom) are doing this Project Pan 12 thing, where they are trying to use up some of the beauty products from their stash. Girls are choosing 12 items to try to pan/empty in 3 month period.

I got inspired by the project and decided to shop in my own stash and pick some products I would want to use up, before they go bad or just because they have been half empty, or just forgotten.


I’m not giving myself aΒ 3 months though, as I know, that by using these products on the daily basis I will be able to finish them sooner than 3 months (I better).

I picked 15 products, that I want to use up, mostly to give the other products well deserved space in the cabinet.

Let me expose the list:

  1. Vichy Purete Thermale Cleansing foam – great mousse cleanser. Smells so fresh and leaves skin well cleansed and looking radiant. It’s almost all used up, I need to finish what I have started πŸ™‚Β img_9718
  2. Pure+Simple Hydration Serum – because of it’s super light texture I consider this to be summer or in between season’s serum. Let’s give this one a more attention that I have.Β img_9719
  3. Zax’s Original Dark Circle Eye Cream – great Canadian brand and amazing product. With a newborn and a toddler combo, this is a must.img_9721
  4. Vichy Ultra Light SPF 50 for face – I like this one quite a bit, very lightweight and absorbs quickly, doesn’t cover my face with a heavy shine. There’s not too much left and expiry date is approaching. Β img_9720
  5. Garnier SkinActive Ultra-lift Miracle Wake-up Cream –Β very nice and light moisturizer. I have very little of it left, so I need this to be gone.Β img_9722
  6. Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream –Β hydro gel creams are more of a summer thing, I think. Let’s see if I can use it up, before colder and harsher weather kicks in.Β img_9723
  7. LaNeige Water Sleeping Mask –Β totally forgot I had it, let’s see how I will like it now.Β img_9724
  8. The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion exfoliator –Β Very nice exfoliator, gently and brightens skin nicely. I have few others I want to start using though.Β img_9725
  9. Algenist with Alguronic Acid Pore Corrector Anti-Aging Primer –Β really liked it when I first bought it. Now looking at my skin, I don’t think I really need it.Β img_9726
  10. Garnier SkinNaturals BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector –Β I forgot I had this one, let’s see how we do.Β img_9729
  11. CoverGirl TruBlend –Β lovely foundation that I have given a good use, need to finish it as I have gifted myself an EL one for the new season.Β img_9731
  12. Maybelline NY Fit Me Pressed Powder –Β Meh.. we just didn’t really click. I want to see if I can give it another try, before I commit to my Teeez powder forever.Β img_9727
  13. Dior DiorShow mascara in Blue 258 –Β probably one of my all time favorites.
  14. Dior DiorShow mascara in Purple 168 –Β my first purple, it was fun wearing it. Probably my last one too. It’s weird but I thought it makes me look sick.
  15. Gosh Growth Mascara –Β amazing mascara – great volume, lengthened my lashes to perfection.Β img_9715

As you can see, I have a few products that are similar and that’s because there’s very little left in each of them.

Alright, wish me luck and strength to stick with these, while they are gone, gone, gone! I wouldn’t bother, but I can’t stand to waste the products.



13 thoughts on “Project Pan Inspired

  1. So awesome! I’m glad our project inspired you to shop your stash too! πŸ™‚
    Never heard of Zax’s Original Dark Circle Eye Cream – will you be doing reviews on these products you chose for this project?
    I’ll have to look into the Gosh mascara – haven’t tried any mascaras from the brand.
    In your opinion, do you think DiorShow mascaras are worth the $$?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did a review while ago on my old blog platform. I might re-do it. My skin and preferences has changed so it will be a new take πŸ™‚
      As of Dior- im such a Dior junky:)) It depends what is that you’re looking for in the mascara. I found that this DiorShow gives a very natural look (I prefer those) adding a beautiful long lashes without visible product layers- if that makes any sense.. That being said there are mascaras in the market for much cheaper delivering similar performance. This DiorShow has a new technology packaging tho, airlock system keeps mascara from drying in the tube! I love it and will repurchase it when the time comes. I will do a review on it πŸ™‚ I had brown which I really liked and I still have unopened black :)) As I said – Dior junky:))


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