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Pure Glow Hydrating Masque

Hello, everyone. I hope that by now, you are starting to love this amazing natural skincare brand as much as I do. Here is the promised review for a

Sattva Pure “Pure Glow Hydrating Masque”.

A cream based masque with kaolin clay, gently draws out impurities and a unique blend of botanicals and vitamins nourishes, and hydrates the skin.


It’s another great product from Sattva Pure brand. The cream is very lightweight and super hydrating. You can see from the picture, that it’s almost see-through. The texture reminds me a lot of Clarins HydraQuench mask, which I love so much.


Pure Glow Hydrating Masque is very easy to apply. I love the pump mechanism – quick, clean and effective. I can’t remember seeing any other masks packaged like this – i like it a lot.

Approximately 10 minutes after application, I felt a slight tightening, which comes along with the drying process (5-10 minutes is the suggested time for the mask to be on). When it was around that time, it was an ease to rinse it off.

Mask gave an instant hydration and skin felt refreshed with the healthy glow on top.

Let me just say it again. I’ m so happy, that I have been introduced with this brand. Non of the SATTVA PURE products have disappointed me. I am so impressed with the wide product assortment, quality and performance that the brand delivers.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Sattva Pure brand and their products. Let me know, which of their products appealed to you the most?

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17 thoughts on “Pure Glow Hydrating Masque

  1. Thanks for the review Grieta! This is one of our favourite products and the results are cumulative. This super-hydrating masque rejuvenates skin giving it an instant glow with a tightened effect over time. Thanks again for sharing your love of Sattva Pure #sattvalove

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