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Hello, All You Beautiful People

So this has finally happened. “TO Beauty ‘n Beyond” is my new or, I should say, renewed blog. This is like a new chapter in my blogging book.

I want to believe that this change will serve me as a motivation to write, explore and share more. Also I want to hope that with this more welcoming look and layout, I will be able to communicate with my readers and followers more.

Those who don’t know me, let me introduce myself. I’m Grieta and I come from amazingly beautiful Northern European country – Latvia. I’ve been living in Canada since 2009. This is my lifestyle blog where I will share my passion for, mostly, beauty and skincare, along with few other things close to my heart.

I’m also a wife and a mom, so sometimes I get carried away, but I always come back πŸ˜‰

I have set smaller and bigger blogging goals, and have planned some nice giveaways in a very near future. So keep your eyes open πŸ˜‰

You can reach me via email: tobeautynbeyond@gmail.com, Instagram and Twitter.

P.S. I would like toΒ say thank you to few of my beauty world people that have inspired me in my beauty journey:

Dave Lackie, thank you, for all the amazing beauty news, trends and inside stories you share withΒ us, for amazing beauty community and friendships you have created.

Cat, thank you, for creating a lipstick addiction in me- you are my lipstick fairy. You are also amazingly inspiring. Love you.

Maria, Connie – love you ladies, you have such loving personalities and we always have amazing beauty fun! Thank you for all your love and support!

And I have bunch of other amazing beauty bloggers and enthusiast by my side that I am truly grateful to be friends with. Thank you all for everything!

– Stay Beautiful –



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