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Armani Joy

“Perfectionism, and the need to always have new goals and achieve them, is a state of mind that brings profound meaning to life.” /G.Armani/

With Amazing Dave Lackie

Perfectionism, details and luxury – for me will always describe the Armani brand. Mr. Armani is a talented genius and a living legend. Who actually just celebrated his 82nd birthday on  the 11th of July.

Recently I was a part of something so unique and fantastic, something not everyone gets a chance to experience. A launch of two of Armani’s newest fragrances – Air diGioia and Sun diGioia. Again huge thank you to Dave Lackie that made this happen and the Armani team for such an amazing execution.

The event took place at Toronto luxury hotel Shangri-la. They say that it means a beautiful imaginary place where life approaches perfection. Was it a coincidence? I’m not sure. After experiencing this event, which was all about the tiniest and breathtaking details, I could easily believe that the Armani team knew exactly what they were doing. This beautiful imaginary place became real and accessible to me and a few other lucky beauty enthusiasts.

The amazing setup and Armani feel started outside the Museum room, where the event was set to happen. Perfume displays, beautiful flower arrangements, candles, posters and mocktails were served as we walked in.

The room screamed elegance and finesse. The Armani team took this to another level. All the finest details and the thoughts behind them – simply impressive.

Instagram table. Such an amazing idea.
Beach themed table setting. Looks at the plate pattern – stunning.


Beautiful and high ceilings. Sunlight and brightness filled the room. Window walls and chandeliers – yes, a whole bunch of them. Breakfast under the chandeliers – how often does that happen.

Fresh cut flowers and beach themed table setting. Beautiful displays with sand and seashells created vision behind the fragrances.

Stunning and charming Maya Azzi, Armani Fragrances Canada Senior Marketing Manager, invited us to Armani fragrance world. Telling the stories, creating the feel and introducing the two newest Armani fragrances – AIR diGioia and SUN diGioia.


I fell in love with SUN diGioia right away. The fragrance has a happy feel to it – so airy, summery, light and surrounded with vanilla sweetness.

After first sniff I thought that AIR diGioia wouldn’t be my choice of fragrance. But after Maya’s presentation and vivid fragrance description, I already started to look at it differently. I sprayed a tiny bit on my wrist and I was surprised how well it blended and suited me. It’s salty, floral, woody and has hypnotizing effect. It is one of my favorites now!

That’s why it’s important to remember to let the fragrance and skin do their thing, give it, maybe half an hour, before committing to the decision.

Also when choosing your fragrance, don’t forget to look into the story and inspiration behind it. trust me, it will gain more value for you.

Everything was excellent and thoroughly luxurious. Just when you thought there’s nothing that could make it better, the Armani team topped it all off with engraved and personalized bottles of AIR diGioia and a glass of bubbly.

This event was all about joy and celebration. Grazie mille!

– Stay Beautiful –

For more photos, stories, tweets and videos from the event check #armanijoy


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