Givenchy Art Of Perfumery

Our always charming host and beauty guru – Dave Lackie

Earlier this week I had a truly magical time at Givenchy #ArtOfPerfumery dinner. I was one of the few lucky ones that had a chance to attend and experience this amazing event in person. And so many Β of Dave’s followers and beauty enthusiasts from all around the world were with us via social media platforms like Twitter, Periscope etc.
It’s not too late to relive the hype, just follow the #ArtOfPerfumery and you will be taken back in time to our Givenchy dream.

Always charming Dave Lackie knows how to make you feel special. By letting you be an insider to the beauty world and to experience the beauty enthusiast dream, he opens doors to a function normally only accessible to VIP journalists and experts, and allows one to experience something you wouldn’t be able to, unless you’re a beauty world professional.
The event took place at Arcadian Studio – located in the downtown core. From the 8th floor you’re able to see people running through their daily routines, while you’re able to pause yours and indulge.
Classic Givenchy in “just the right size” πŸ™‚
“Hot Couture”

Upon arrival, the amazing and different scents of Givenchy perfume created a magical ambiance inviting you in and hypnotizing.

“Ange ou Demon” with equally magical scented candle
“Dahlia Divin’ with scented candle again – a new must!
Giggles, chats, camera clicks, old and new friendships, posing, hugs and kisses. It’s all there. Those are a few things that make Dave Lackie events so amazing – they are real and heartwarming.
Reunion with my beautiful ladies – Ashley, Katie and Connie
With Ashley, Maria, Christine
Connie and I with our social media moderator Cookie πŸ˜‰

The nights cocktails matched fragrances with their signature ingredients and twist – pretty amazing and different.

My choice for the events refreshments were Gentelmen Only and Irrisistable – very refreshing and light, just like the fragrances themselves.

When the official mingling part is over (it never is, just so you know, as everyone is so high from living this dream like evening, it’s hard to follow the schedule), it’s time for dinner.

Service and menu never disappoint – “Oliver & Bonacini” took care of us like there’s no tomorrow.

Below you can see the menu and amazing dishes we got spoiled with.

Grilled Eggplant & Buffalo Mozzarella; Lemon & Rosemary Chicken Supreme; O&B Artisan Pecan Pie and pink fortune cookie with inspiring message.
After some delicious food and outstanding dessert, Dave introduced us with Givenchy Fragrances Canada general manager David Titheridge. Very charming, knowledgeable and humble man. David shared some great inside stories with us accompanied with laughter, along with some brand history.
Dave Lackie and David Titheridge

With more knowledge, it was even more interesting to go and look at the fragrances again. Scents and presentation now created a different and more complete picture/vision.


After saying never-ending goodbyes (common practice at Dave’s events), it was time to return to reality. Reliving beautiful fairy-tale like memories via photos, tweets, posts and hypnotizing aromas from generously gifted fragrances we received in our gift bags. ,

Thank you Dave! I’m so very grateful.
Post on received fragrances to follow.

3 thoughts on “Givenchy Art Of Perfumery

  1. Lovely post Grieta! Thank you for adding me in your post. I appreciate it. Lovely photos and so lovely to see you that evening. Thank you so much and I can't wait to see you soon! πŸ™‚ Have a lovely rest of the week!


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