Brilliant Brunette by John Frieda

Those who color their hair dark know the struggle of keeping the color deep and live.
For a good while now I’ve been dyeing my hair dark brown, so I got very excited when I found out I was selected to test John Friedas Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper hair products via Infuenster’s Voxbox.
Here you can see the products I received:


I have been using products for about a month now and I have to say that I really like them.
Smell is so nice – scent will trick you in thinking that you’re at the hair salon only your wallet won’t suffer as much.
Product texture is creamy and looks a lot like chocolate fudge (don’t attempt to eat it). Each product has use instructions on the back that are very easy to understand. For better results in keeping color deep brown along the shampoo and conditioner use the treatment.
You can read more about the products and other people experience on John Frieda ( and/or Influenster ( websites.
Check #myjohnfrieda tweets for more experiences and opinions.
Usually after about a month my hair color fades away – hair doesn’t look shiny and color is looking dull, but using John Friedas Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper collection not only my hair color still looks great, my hair feels smooth to a touch and has a healthy shine to it!
I’m sure I will repurchase the products in future and definitely recommend brunettes give these a try!
Photo on the left is taken right after hair dressers appointment and one on the right is after a month using the products. Color still looks great.
– Stay Beautiful –
*I received products free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and experience

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