#ClarinsBeauty magic via DAVE LACKIE

Earlier this week I was one of the 20 lucky ones, that had the privilege and honor to be invited to Dave Lackie’s  #ClarinsBeauty VIP dinner at Arcadian Studio in Toronto.
I was head over heels happy and excited, when I received an invitation to the diner and I didn’t know what to expect. Let me just say, everything was even better then I could have imagined.


Beautiful flower arrangements, an amazing vibe, positive people, charming smiles and such warmth. Just to say the least.


Meeting people that you’ve felt you have known for the longest time was just magical (oh Twitter Power). And they say, that we are losing human connection with the presence of social media.. Oh well, not in this case, I’ll tell ya.
The Clarins name has been around and known since 1954. It’s quite impressive for a brand to be alive, to be knows and to be admired for this long. I remember my mom using Clarins skin care decades ago and now I am using their products too. If that’s not a quality statement then I don’t know what is.
You can read more about the brand and it’s evolution on Dave Lackie’s blog post – very informative and interesting article.
All of us, wonderful women – Dave Lackie fans and Twitter followers, had an opportunity not only to be treated like known beauty editors, but also had the privilage to meet, chat, cheer, dine and share a laugh and a hug with fabulous and charming Eric Antoniotti – Clarins International Artistic and Training Director. Yes, that’s right. Weren’t we lucky? Yes, we were.
This man was so passionate about what he does, it was almost addictive.
Eric gave us more knowledge about Clarins products, beauty tricks and tips and shared some great stories and jokes.


This fantastic interaction was accompanied by a gourmet diner, that looked so good, everyone felt the strong need to snap a picture prior to attacking it with utensils. (It tasted picture perfect as well.)
Doesn’t this all sound like it couldn’t get any better?! Well it did, we all received an early Christmas present – a fantastic gift bag filled with amazing Clarins skincare and beauty products:

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil
01 Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base
3-Dot Liner
744 Soft Plum Joli Rouge Moisturizing Long-Wearing Lipstick
Kit Sourcils “Pro” Perfect Eyes & Brows Palette

I can’t wait to try them all out and share my thoughts and experience.


I would like to send a sincere thank you to Dave, for inviting us and making this all happen. You are an amazing human being. Thank you to Clarins for fantastic products and your people that made this evening wonderful. Thank you to CityLine for capturing our happy faces. Thank you to O&B Caters for food. It was so very good, that all of us forgot about our figure concerns and diets haha.
Check more photos from the event by clicking here.
If you also want to read and get more information about the event look for #ClarinsBeauty
– Stay Beautiful –

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