Laneige was created in 1994 by the largest cosmetics company in South Korea. In 2010 Laneige became a professional skin care brand with Laneige Advanced Water Science.

Moisture-recharging magnesium. Cell metabolism boosting manganese.
Cell-renewing zinc. Moisture-locking ceramide. Collagen restoring
bio-peptides. Each LANEIGE customized complex is enriched with active
ingredients technologically formulated to penetrate deep into the skin,
delivering exactly what your skin needs, when it needs it. All day long. *

I was excited to try Laneige product via new campaign free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

Product that I was sent to try was Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Here is what brand has to say about it:

Overnight revitalizing gel mask

Infused with
• Orange Flower, Rose and Sandalwood
• Brightening anti-oxidant Hunza Apricot Extract
• Retexturizing Chestnut Extract 
• After toner and emulsion, apply evenly across face
• After product is absorbed completely, leave treatment overnight and rinse off in the morning
• Use once or twice a week

Product comes in nice and simple packaging. Good size – 80ml, as you need to use very little of product per application, it will last you a good while.
I would prefer product to come in with pump container, it would have been less messy and would keep bacteria away.



Cream has gel texture and you can tell right away that it will do a great job keeping skin hydrated. Absorbs quite quick, not as quick as I was expecting it to for a night cream/mask though. I would suggest to apply it little while before you go to bed if you don’t want the product to treat your pillow too.
I found the scent to be too strong for my liking, especially for night cream. I would like the product more if it would come in scent free version.

I have used product for couple of weeks twice a week now and I really think it does a great job hydrating my face in this transition season.
I would think about purchasing it in future too if it would come in a scent free option. I really like how easy it is to use it and results it gives, but I just can’t get over the strong scent it has.
Hopefully by the time I’m finished with this packaging, there will be options to choose from.

I would recommend the product, as it really works great and is also very affordable.
If you want to give this and bunch of other great Laneige products a try, visit Sephora store and get your hands on them.


-Stay Beautiful-

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