Vichy Works For Me

Don’t we all know the feeling of running short on those hours per day? There are things that have to be done and life that has to be lived. Mr. Time doesn’t care too much and then comes the morning with very tired face. Sounds familiar?
Vichy has a solution for us with those busy schedules and lifestyles.
New Idéalia Skin Sleep is especially designed for women whose nights have been cut short, and who miss that key midnight and 1 a.m. skin regeneration window.

Enriched with a powerful multi-active complex such as glycyrrhiric and hyaluronic acid working to regulate epidermal differentiation, Idéalia Skin Sleep visibly recreates the effects of regenerative sleep on skin.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? I had a chance to try these amazingly promising products via ChickAdvisor product review club. Thank you ladies!

This amazing campaign package came with Idealia Life Serum and Idealia Skin Sleep.
I have tried Serum prior this campaign and I really like it. It’s little different from all the other serums I have tried and seen. Mostly it’s texture – creamy unlike other clear liquid ones. It also feels like cream when applied only very, very light one. Absorbs practically right away and leaves a light “pixie dust” shimmer. Very elegant scent and packaging along with the performance.
I use it in the morning routine, after I have washed my face with cleanser.
Idealia Skin Sleep was the product I really wanted to try. And before I continue, I must say, it’s my new favorite night cream.
Cream comes in amazing container with mirror built into the lid, not only it adds uniqueness to the product but also convenience. Texture is almost like combination of gel and cream. Has the Idealia product line signature scent – soft floral. It disappears very quickly so it won’t be distracting you. Cream is easy to apply and it also absorbs pretty quickly, leaving a protective layer with some shine. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and is very moisturizing. Another important thing is that it didn’t irritate my skin – so powerful and gentle at the same time.
Idealia Skin Sleep night cream is the last product I use before bed, after I have completed my skin care routine. Without a doubt I can say – Vichy Works For Me. In the morning no matter how early I wake up, skin doesn’t look tired and is fresh and plumped with no evidence of puffiness nor pillow creases. It will have little bit of shine though, but daytime face routine takes care of that.
I would highly recommend to give this product a try. Let me know your thoughts on it.
You can find more information about products on Vichy webpage by clicking here. And read more reviews on products here.
*I received products free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.
– Stay Beautiful –



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