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Infrared Knee Support Sleeve

Few weeks ago I got selected for Tomoson Infrared Knee Support Sleeve campaign. 
I have been suffering with my knee pains here and there for years now. Usually they appear along with high intensity exercising and running. Anything that would help me to deal with it is something I’m willing to try. 
This knee support sleeve promises to aid with sports injuries, suppress chronic pain, or to provide the needed compression during sports activities etc. 

This is what company has to say about its products uniqueness:

“Free range of motion, stays firmly in place: designed for maximum comfort, there are no hard edges, instead the elasticized fabric is ergonomically designed to provide the needed compression and support while keeping the maximum possible comfort. This product is made with activated Black Turmaline, a naturally occurring semi-precious crystal, containing Baron and complex silicate minerals – known as “Electric Stone” – as it has been shown to produce a weak electrical charge, which is what enables it to produce and emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions. Before the Tourmaline is infused into the fiber it is crushed into powder and altered at the nano-scale to better react with lower temperatures (your own body temperature) to safely emit the Far Infrared Rays.” 

I was surprised to see that company sends out a pair of sleeves, usually you buy them by piece, so this way it comes up to a great value – $34.95 for both.


Knee support sleeve that looks and feels like no other. Very cute design/pattern and it’s soft with no hard parts in it. Didn’t give much of a trust at first, but it worked and works. It actually gives a good support and stop my knee pain.
I try to run pretty regularly but often I’m limited because of my knee pain. I’ve been using this product for few weeks now and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to finish my desired amount of km without unpleasant knee pain.
It also gives almost like a warming sensation, but not unpleasant.
I gave it to my fitness instructor to try it, as she also suffers from knee pain and she was impressed with its performance, and is ready to make a purchase.
So I feel confident by recommending it as it worked for me and my trainer. And if you also suffer from unpleasant knee pain, I hope it will help you too.

Product can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.
*I receive product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.


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