– Born Pretty Goodies –

Little white ago I was approached by Born Pretty Store representative and got invited to check their website and choose products I would like to try and review.

Pretty exciting right!? YES! That’s what I’m saying.

I was very excited to receive my package and try these very affordable and new for me makeup products.
First products I tried were eye shadow and a liner.
Products have a very cute packaging and look. Let’s see how and if they work well.
Eye-shadow palette is very cute. So are the shades. Besides the great palette, I love the texture and appearance of the eye-shadow – matte but at the same time very pigmented.


Very easy to apply and feels so light, almost silky. Last a good while without fading.
I love how on the back of the packaging you can find color combinations to created different looks. Tried and enjoyed both of them.


This look was created using: 1st from top line, 2nd from bottom line, 3rd from top line and 4th from bottom line


Second, warmer in colors and more noticeable look:
1st from bottom line, 2nd from top line, 3rd from bottom line and 4th from top line.

Did I mentioned how cool looking the packaging is? It has a little hidden mirror, that will help you create your look on a go.

Liner states to be waterproof and it sure is. Brush has a hard tip, that makes application process very easy. Shape of the tip allows you to draw different lines – thinner or thicker, which ever you prefer.

Quick to dry and stays perfect all day long. That really surprised me, as cheaper brands usually fail in ‘long lasting” aspect. Only thing that I found bothered me a little was some sheen to the color when it dried up. But other than that – amazing and very affordable product.


So far so good!
I always wanted to try false eyelashes so I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to give it a try.
In a packaging lashes look very bold and full with volume, let’s see how easy it is going to be for me to blend them with my own.
I watched few youtube videos prior applying my first false eyelashes, it was much easier than I thought. Glue dried up pretty quickly and lashes looked awesome. I managed to hypnotize myself haha. My eye lids felt little heavier and it took me a little while to get use to extra volume and weight. Lashes lasted all day and I had no problem taking them off. For price like that I would repurchase the product or even look for a different style as website has lots of different styles and looks to offer.

Overall I’m very satisfied and impressed with quality and appearance of these product. It’s not that often when you can get products for low coast but great performance at the same time. 
I recommend to browse BornPrettyStore website and maybe you will find something that caught your attention and interest. Please don’t hesitate to share your experience in comment box below. 

And here is little something for you guys. Go ahead and take advantage of this great offer from Born Pretty Store. It’s a 10% discount code for your order. We might be doing some giveaways too. Stay active and I will keep you posted 😉

-Stay Beautiful-  

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