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Ice Balls

This time few words about Bar Brat product campaign I took part via Tomoson review site.
So it’s Ice Ball Maker that creates four 4.5 cm ice balls.
So the process actually is very easy and simple, and product box also provides easy to understand instructions.
So all you have to do is to fill bottom tray 3/4 (wash the tray prior using) and then press the top tray into the bottom one (there might be little spillage). After that is done, all what’s left is freezer time 4 to 6hours and after that you’re good to go.





Ice balls like this will keep your drink colder for longer time as ice balls will melt much slower than regular ice cubes. It will also add style to your drink if I can say that πŸ™‚
I would prefer little bigger tray though. I would love to have at least 6 or 8 ice ball tray.
Bar Brat also suggest to make coffee creamer balls for iced coffees, mint and fruit balls for sangrias or other cocktails, even popsicles.
Overall a fun and practical product. Great for entertaining guest and would work great as a gift too.
*I received product free of charge in exchange of my honest opinion.


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