L’oreal Paris Fibralogy VoxBox

I was super excited to receive my first VoxBox from Influenster (free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion). This one happened to be a hair thickening magic box filled with Loreal Paris Fibralogy products.
Fibralogy – word that I did not know prior this campaign. Let me quote L’oreal on this:
“The formulas with Filloxane coat the hair fibre and provide substance from within. The combination of its properties and those of hair allow Filloxane to remain inside for a cumulative thickening effect.
The key is its flexible material. The Filloxane molecule is a three-dimensional structure that has a double balance: organic and mineral.
This property lets Filloxane stick to the hair and create multiple connections. Filloxane is carried by water and can stick to the hair when the water goes away.
Filloxane increases the diameter of the hair fibre by several microns per hair. Over a whole head of hair, this gives the impression of mass.”
1) Shampoo – a gentle cleansing base whose texture spreads easily and evenly for effective, lasting cleanliness;
2) Thickening booster – ultra concentrated pre-conditioning booster instantly increases the substance inside the hair;
3) Conditioner – a velvety soft texture that is easily spreadable from roots to ends and softens the hair fibre.Β 

My hair is pretty thin and after pregnancy, I lost a fair amount of my hair and they just never looked like before. Thickness and volume is something I always wish for. So when I found out, I’ll be testing hair thickening products I was “all in”!

I love the product smell! Scent is airy, elegant and definitely not overpowering like a lot of hair care product can be.
Shampoo is more or less much like the other ones I’ve used before, texture and application didn’t seem to be much different.
Thickening booster was more liquidy than I thought it would be, I felt a need to use more than suggested dime size, because it just wouldn’t cover my hair otherwise. It could be length of my hair or just very runny texture.
Conditioner on the other hand was thicker that I was expecting it to be, almost like a cream or mask. I really liked that. It was very easy to apply it and I needed just a little bit of product to work it through my hair. Easy to wash out. After use it almost felt like my hair is covered with silky layer. Loved it!

I’ve been using product now for little over a week, still very early in the process, but I do honestly think it’s working and has effect on my hair, unless I’m experiencing Placebo effect πŸ™‚
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no lioness, not hair wise anyways, but I see little more volume, that probably is a result of thicker hair. And I’m loving it!

I’m curious to see if using it long term will improve results in more visual manner.

So far I’m satisfied with this product line. L’oreal Paris Fibralogy seems to be working for me. Thank you Influenster and L’oreal Paris for campaign.


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