Organic Deodorant

This week I’m testing a product from fairly new company with great philosophy Bella Organics – organic deodorant/deodorant creme with vanilla mint scent.
Organic Deodorant – I have head about it before but this was my first time using it. Very different I have to say, but it seems to be working.
Organic deodorant works by fighting bacteria and providing pleasant smell at the mean time. It’s much healthier option compared to antiperspirants. Don’t expect sweating to disappear because that won’t happen as it’s a natural human body’s function.
Prior use company suggests to exfoliate your armpits as that will shorten detoxing period, how long and how to do that you will find on the “instruction” sheet that comes with the product.
Comes with instruction and description sheet. Gives you also tip and preparation steps for better results.
Product comes in little a container (at least this specific one), looks a lot like a lip balm. Creme feels almost silky and is very easy to apply. It’s organic and chemical-free deodorant, smells great and fresh and that nice scent stays with me all day.
I have to mention that I don’t sweat too much, so I can’t say how would it work or how effective it would have been to ones sweating more, but I’m satisfied. Biggest bonus in my eyes is that it won’t leave white strikes/stains on clothes.

Today I put the cream to test by using it before my boot-camp workout, mint is strong enough to keep me feeling fresh.
Bella Organics offer lots of different products, all of them organic, and they have several deodorant scents to choose from too – Lavender and Lemongrass ones caught my attention. I like the mint scent in this one a lot – very refreshing.
I can’t wait for summer to come, that would be another testing platform for this product. I hope it will work as great then as it does now.
Visit Bella Organics website and check their product selection. It’s pretty impressive.

*I received product free of charge for testing and reviewing.

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