Mini makeover

I always looked at those makeover station in cosmetic stores and was wondering how do they pick and whom do they offer the service. I was curious what colors or styles would make-up artist choose for me and how do you get to be one of the lucky ladies sitting there and being pampered.

You just have to ask, yes, that’s what I found out today πŸ™‚ Just ask for makeover and pay $0! Amazing! I found myself in Sephora storeΒ today and decided to ask, and minute later I was sitting in my “Diva chair”. My make-up artist Abby was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I got smokey eye look, that looked super natural and “light”. Very simple to duplicate, I even got a cheat sheet. I was surprised how much it made my eye color to pop. I was introduced with some products who’s use was new to me. Overall I was and am very impressed and satisfied for service I received. Different and amazing experience. Definitely will go back for more and see their other offers. Today’s experience was little step outside my routine and that always feels amazing πŸ™‚

Products that were used to create this amazing and simple look were:


Thank you Sephora and Abby for the great experience and service you provided for me today.

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