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When the weather outside is frightful

Yeah, when the weather outside is frightful, I still make myself to wake up for Metro Life Fitness workout and put those muscles to work. With long weekend ahead of us, trainer Emma doesn’t take it easy on us. I predict more sore muscles in my near future 🙂 
With extreme temperature in Toronto today, I thought that my sweat might freeze on me while walking home. I was fast enough though, got home before it could happen. Ha ha.

To celebrate Friday, my Keurig morning coffee pick was Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut. Coffee filled my kitchen with sweet and strong aroma, that scared me a little, as I’m not sweets biggest fan. What was I expecting, choosing vanilla hazelnut, I had to know that it will be sweet flavored coffee.. Oh well.
Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised that coffee didn’t have that overwhelming sweetness to it. I actually didn’t taste vanilla as much as I tasted hazelnut that overpowered all the other components. But it was good, smooth coffee with moderate sweet-ish aftertaste. I will probably have an another cup of coffee very soon, as it didn’t give caffeine fix this early morning mamma needs so much 🙂

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